3 Things You Should Do To Prepare For A Construction Job Interview

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3 Things You Should Do To Prepare For A Construction Job Interview

With so many companies hiring for jobs in the construction industry, there are ample opportunities for skilled technicians as well as novices looking to break into the field. From roofers to brick masons to general laborers, the demand for workers to fill construction roles continues to steadily grow. If you have an interview scheduled for a construction job coming up soon, then you may be concerned about how to prepare for the meeting with your potential employer. Here are 3 tips to help you get ready for the big day and ace the interview.

1) Practice construction-related questions that you could be asked in the interview.

While it's not possible to predict everything that your interviewer may ask, you can certainly anticipate some important questions related to your construction experience. As you prepare, spend some time rehearsing how you will answer the following potential questions:

  • What are your construction skills, and how will they be useful to this role?
  • Describe your familiarity with reading blueprints or other technical documents. 
  • How do you ensure safety on a worksite?
  • Explain an instance when you faced a roadblock on a previous job and what you did to overcome the obstacle.
  • How have you handled a disagreement with a co-worker in the past?

These are just a few of the questions that you may be asked in order for the interviewer to determine if you are a good fit for the specific construction job. Ultimately, the more you practice your answers to a variety of likely questions, the better you will be able to showcase your skills.

2) Research the construction company.

Knowing a bit about the construction company itself will show the interviewer that you've done your homework and are truly interested in the job. Start your research on the company's website where you should be able to find the names, titles, and career histories of the management team. This will give you some insight into the professional experience valued by the company. Look for information about the company's mission statement, and determine how you can complement that vision. Additionally, you can read articles about the company on construction blogs to get an idea of how the company is perceived by its peers in the field. It's also worthwhile to note any industry-specific honors that the company has earned, such as awards for safety, building excellence, or project management. This information will tell you about the company's technical innovations, ethics, and culture.

3) Choose your outfit wisely for the interview.

An interview for a construction job usually doesn't require a formal suit, but you should still consider putting together a business casual outfit. This includes dark or khaki pants and a button-down dress shirt. Polo shirts are generally acceptable in extremely hot environments. Your shoes should be closed-toe and appropriate for a business setting, even if you will be working on a construction site. Since the interview is your chance to make a good impression on the company, you must be sure to dress in a clean and polished manner. Once you land the job, you can dress according to the particular construction role.

Using these tips will ensure that you walk into the interview with just the right amount of confidence and preparation to highlight your skills and fit for any construction job.

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