Mardi Gras Bead Projects to Add Color to Your Home

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Mardi Gras Bead Projects to Add Color to Your Home

Bead art can be used to add color to your home or to promote a particular holiday or season. If you have a lot of Mardi Gras beads on hand or if you are going to purchase some cheap necklaces that are affiliated with the Mardi Gras celebration, use the beading to decorate some basic items in your home.

Bowl and Coaster Set

Use bead strands or loose beads to decorate a large bowl that contains fresh fruit, art supplies, or odds-and-ends that you have accumulated. A plastic or wooden bowl can be used for this project. Be certain to choose a bowl that doesn't need to be hand-washed every day, such as a cereal or soup bowl, since the beadwork may eventually loosen from the bowl, with extended exposure to moisture.

If you want to use strands, to cover the entire bowl's exterior, cut the necklaces so that they are no longer looped. Use a hot glue gun to apply a strip of beads around the base of the bowl. Continue securing additional strands, until the surface of the bowl is covered. Use beads that are one color or different bead colors, to add stripes.

For a matching bowl and coaster set, purchase some plain cork coasters. Use strips of beads and glue to cover each one. For a more demure bead covering that doesn't interfere much with the original material of a bowl or a coaster, separate beads that are part of a single Mardi Gras strand and glue each bead separately, onto random portions of a bowl or a coaster.

Since the beads will not support the weight of a mug or a cup that is placed on top of the coaster, leave plenty of space in the center of each coaster for mugs or glassware to rest on.

Wall and Door Art

A lightweight foam rectangle or a foam ring can be used to create colorful wall art or door art. With each type of decoration, consider what holiday or season you would like to commemorate. If you choose Easter or another springtime occasion, use pastel-colored Mardi Gras beads.

For Christmas, choose red and green beads. Use the strand or separate bead techniques that were chosen during the previous project, to attach beads to each foam surface. Frame the wall art, before using a picture hanging kit to secure the piece to a wall. Secure a suction cup hook to your front door and hang the colorful foam wreath from it.

For more ideas, contact companies that have Mardi Gras beads for sale. 

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