Gear Cutting 101

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Gear Cutting 101

Customizing your manufacturing facility often means creating your own custom gears for machinery and equipment. If you've never designed or crafted gears before, it's important that you take your time when creating the first ones. Understanding the fundamentals of gear cutting can help you to create the gears that best fit your application. Here are some of the things that you need to know.

Gear Dimensions Matter

Perhaps the hardest part of gear cutting is creating the right design. The dimensions of the gear are important because the diameter of the gear itself as well as the size of the teeth will both play key roles in how the gear functions and how it meshes with the surrounding gears.

Make sure that you know exactly how much room you have for each gear so that you can start with the proper diameter. Create the plan for your smaller gear first so that you can be sure that the teeth of the larger gear are appropriately sized for the smaller one. 

Once the smaller gear is drawn out and you know the dimensions of the teeth, you can create the larger gear by creating teeth that fit the crevices of your smaller gear. Remember that, in order to function properly, the teeth should mesh together fully when the gears are turning.

Gear Cutting Methods Are Important

There are many different methods for gear cutting, and it's important that you understand the options to choose the one that's right for your application. Some gears can be laser cut, while others will need to be ground, pressed, and shaped. You can opt for water cutting, dry cutting, and even molding when necessary. 

Remember, though, that most of these gear fabrication methods will produce a finished product that has sharp edges and burrs. You'll want to make sure that you have the initial gear cut slightly larger to allow for some room to grind the sharp edges and smooth them out. This reduces the risk of the teeth binding up or causing damage when the gears are turning.

When you're relying on gears for any kind of operation, durability, strength, and proper fit are all essential components. Before you craft any gears for your equipment, you should consider these points. For your gear fabrication, work with a gear cutting professional to have the work done professionally. That way, you can trust the dimensions and the structure to fit your needs.

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