Tube Beading 101: A Look At The Most Common FAQs

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Tube Beading 101: A Look At The Most Common FAQs

Metal tubes are used in an array of different applications, but there can be times when a straight tube needs a bit of alteration to make it more fitting for a particular type of project. Tube beading involves creating a ridge around the base of a tube so it is more resilient and can be attached to further mechanisms. A tube beading service like Accubend Inc. can take your metal tubes and add beaded ridges to the base to accommodate your planned project. Here is a look at some of the most common questions people tend to have about tube beading and tube beading services. 

What is the purpose of tube beading in metal fabrication?

Adding beading to the end of a tube can be done for an array of purposes. In some situations, the beaded tubing is needed because tubes are going to be pieced together, so the beaded end acts as a sealing barrier between the two pieces of tube. Some people use beaded tubing because it can be easier connected to something like a rubber or plastic hose. While a clamp may still have to be used in order to keep the hose connected, the beading helps hold the hose in place if the clamp fails.

What are the ways tube beading is formed?

Tube beading is formed through a few different metal fabrication processes. One style of beading, which is simply referred to as ram forming, involves using a machine that rams the tube quickly into a receptacle and it causes the bead to form. Another type of beading involves using internal roll forming equipment, which can create a more uniform type of beading than traditional ram forming. In either case, however, the fabrication technician uses specialized equipment that is specifically designed for the purpose. 

Can all types of metal tubes have beading added?

Not every type of metal is suitable for adding beading. For example, something dense like iron is harder to add a bead to because the material is not as easily manipulated with brute force. However, a material like aluminum or copper can be easily manipulated to form a bead at the end. A lot of metal alloys and combination metals can also be beaded. If you have specific needs with a certain type of metal tubing, it is best to talk to a technician at the tube beading service to determine what they can do. 

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