3 Considerations To Make When Buying Commercial Laundromat Equipment

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3 Considerations To Make When Buying Commercial Laundromat Equipment

After deciding to get into the laundromat industry, you may have found the perfect location to open the business. Now that you have selected the spot for your business, it is time to purchase your laundromat equipment. You want to invest in the best equipment that will keep customers satisfied and interested in coming back to wash their items at your establishment.

How Many Machines Can Fit Inside Your Laundromat?

The machines you can fit inside the laundromat will depend on the space available. Take measurements of the space inside the building and measurements of the equipment you plan to purchase and use. When you have these measurements available, it is much easier to figure out how many washers and dryers you can put inside the building to have plenty of machines available for multiple customers to use at one time.

What Features Are Most Important to You?

Not all commercial laundromat equipment comes equipped with the same types of features. You need to think about the features that are important to you. Some of the primary features that owners of laundromats often want their equipment to have include:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Fast speeds
  • More capacity for large loads
  • Convenient slots with labels for liquid laundry detergent, powder detergent, and fabric softener
  • Multiple rinse options

If you offer equipment that comes with some of the best features to offer to customers, you can expect to keep the customers coming back when they need to wash their clothes and any other items from the home, such as curtains, bed sheets, and comforters.

How Would You Like to Have the Machines Work for Customers?

Some laundromat owners use a card system while others continue to purchase coin-operated machines. The coin-operated machines allow users to place coins in the machine to get them to work. However, when using a card system, your customers do not need to use any change. The customers can add money to the cards at their convenience and swipe those cards to use the machines inside your laundromat. This is an important decision to make before you invest in any laundromat equipment for your facility.

Before you buy new commercial laundromat equipment, consider how many machines you are going to need. Aside from figuring out how many machines you need to purchase and add to your commercial property, you must also look for options that come with different features and decide if you want to buy coin-operated or card-operated equipment in your facility.

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