When Should You Do Radon Testing?

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When Should You Do Radon Testing?

Performing home radon testing is one of the wiser ways to protect your family's health. You may be wondering, though, when you should consider doing radon testing. In these 5 situations, it's wise to ask a professional to perform tests.

Buying a House

Even if the seller tells you they've done testing, it's best to have the work done again just to be sure. That applies even if they hand you documents attesting to what was done. It's always best to get an independent opinion from a qualified technician before you spend a lot of money on a house.

Selling a House

Yes, you should have radon testing done even if you're sure the buyer's going to do it, too. The logic is simple. Representations made when selling a house can come back to bite you. Failing to disclose radon problems might be construed as fraudulent, and you may end up in a legal fight over it. Get the tests done so you've covered your rear on the legal end of things as a seller.

Recent Excavation or Heavy Digging

Radon is a radioactive gas that forms from deposits of materials like uranium, thorium, and radium. Those materials undergo radioactive decay, and the radiation can get into nearby rocks, soil, and water. It can lurk in the ground for millions of years, causing no harm until it is disturbed. If you've had a lot of excavation work done at your house, such as digging out a shallow basement to put in a finished one, then you should have new radon testing performed. This applies even if there had been radon testing done before and recently.

Changes to the Air and Heating Systems

A well-ventilated house can have radon issues that go undetected because the gas hasn't had a chance to build up. Significant modifications to a house's airflow can shift that dynamic a lot. This is especially the case if you've made efforts to button the house up to improve energy efficiency.

Structural Damage Has Happened

Cracks in the foundations and the basement can let in a lot more than just water. While a properly sealed basement might have kept radon from getting into your house and collecting, you may only encounter problems once the gas has a way to seep in. After work has been performed to repair cracks, have radon testing done. In extreme cases, it may be necessary to implement mediation solutions.

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