Like To Duck Hunt? 3 Tips For Choosing A Duck Hunting Lease

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Like To Duck Hunt? 3 Tips For Choosing A Duck Hunting Lease

If you like to duck hunt you may want to consider obtaining a duck hunting lease. If you have a lease you will not have to worry about finding a location to duck hunt. You can also leave out any decoys that you use for the next time you want to hunt, which can save you a considerable amount of time. You can also hunt for as long as you want. Below are three tips to ensure you choose the right duck hunting lease. 

Available Water

The land you choose must have available water as ducks will migrate to these waters on a yearly basis. The ducks also create duck holes near water areas. One thing to consider is if the land has natural water, such as a lake or a large pond. If not, the water has to be pumped into the field area. If so, this can be expensive so you may have an extra charge to your lease. You will find that some duck hunting leases have guaranteed water, but you should still ask about this situation so you will not have an extra surprise fee to pay.

Amenities Available

You need to ask what amenities are available to you with the lease that you choose. In most cases, upright blinds or pits will already be on the land site. In most cases, lodging and a place to store your gear will be left up to you. 

There are turnkey leases, which has everything you need already in place. This type of lease is expensive, however. If you choose this type of lease you will generally have all amenities available to you. There are clubs that offer memberships into turnkey leases available. 

Location of Site

You want to ensure the location you choose will give you the most opportunity to hunt ducks. When choosing a lease, look at the property lines and boundaries so you will be sure to know exactly where you can hunt. You also need to look at satellite views of the property, which you can do online. This can give you a very good idea of what the location looks like. 

Determine the topographical details of the land. For example, you want to have creeks and rivers, as well as land that does not have a lot of hilly areas. 

Talk with several duck hunting lease companies to help you decide what duck hunting lease company you would like to go with.

For more information, contact companies like Mid-South Duck Holes.

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