How To Avoid Non-Compliance When Shipping Hazardous Materials

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How To Avoid Non-Compliance When Shipping Hazardous Materials

Businesses that transport hazardous materials need to package them properly. If the packages are not prepared properly, you may place whoever carries the package or whoever receives it at risk. Not only this, but you risk damaging the reputation of your company and you may open yourself up to litigation. To avoid packaging hazardous materials incorrectly, you should have your packages properly tested and certified. It may even be necessary in order to transport them.

Layer Your Packages

When shipping harmful supplies, you will want to layer your packages. That way, if the potentially harmful product moves around inside the package, other items in the package will block it. It's much less likely that several layers will become damaged, allowing the contents of the package to injure the recipient. 

Keep Certain Items Segregated

Make sure that you do not have two items within a package that should be segregated. Some products will react with each other and may place the courier or recipient in danger because they can react violently. 

Use Resistant Packaging

The product must be stored in a package that is resistant to the product. For example, a product that is corrosive must not be stored in a metal container because the product will corrode the container. The packaging also shouldn't be made of a material that will react with the product being shipped. 

Test Your Packaging

A package must be tested to ensure that it will hold up when it is placed under duress. For example, if the package is handled very roughly, it needs to be durable enough that it will not rip open. The package also needs to be able to resist extreme temperature conditions, especially conditions it will be likely to be exposed to. 

Follow Closure Instructions

When a package passes testing, it will be given a UN marking to indicate that it passed. The marking shows the level of testing that the package passed. Follow package closure instructions. The manufacturer tests the UN specification package following the closure instructions. If there is a deviation from the closure instructions, your package may no longer be in compliance. 

Don't Increase the Weight of the Package

If your package is tested, make sure that the package does not exceed the weight that it was tested at. While there are many steps you might need to go through when shipping hazardous materials, you'll be able to avoid fines and litigation if you follow all of these steps.

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