Mold In The Workplace

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Mold In The Workplace

When you manage a company, you want to protect that company from lawsuits. If there is one word many lawyers love to hear, it is the word, "mold". This is because there are many lawsuits that revolve around mold in the workplace. You will be able to learn more about mold remediation by reading here, so you can make sure that you are taking all the steps possible to preventing mold from becoming a problem for you and your company.

Understand where mold grows

There are two things that can cause mold to grow and this is moisture and warmth. Therefore, you are going to want to keep an eye on any areas in the workplace where you know moisture and warmth may be an issue. Here are some of the areas where mold is found in businesses, so pay particularly close attention to these types of areas:

  • Under kitchen and bathroom sinks
  • Behind toilets and near the drains in the bathroom facilities
  • On the ceiling or walls where roofing leaks may be an issue
  • On floors where there may have been exposure to moisture
  • Around any of the HVAC vents
  • Around any equipment that uses water or is near moisture
  • Along windowsills
  • Near plumbing pipes

Understand what increases mold growth risks

There are things that you may be doing or may not be doing that can increase the chances of there being mold growth taking place in the building. Here are some examples of these things, so you can make sure you change your way of doing things to significantly decrease your chances of ending up with mold developing.

  • Ignoring a leaky roof, pipes, HVAC system, or any other type of leaks
  • Allowing poorly constructed areas to go unrepaired that allow moisture inside
  • Not cleaning up spills
  • Not cleaning bathroom facilities correctly and often enough
  • Not removing wet products or materials promptly
  • Not educating employees on mold prevention and identification
  • Not protecting at-risk areas during storms

Understand what to do if mold is found in the workplace

If you do find mold in the workplace, then you need to act quickly and in a way that protects everyone. If mold is in an area where it can be contained, then you are going to want to close off that area. If the mold is in an area where it cannot be contained, then you want to close everything up until the mold has been professionally remediated. It's important to note that no matter how much mold you have or where it is, as soon as you take the appropriate steps to protect everyone in the building, you need to call to have professionals deal with the issue.

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