7 Gift Ideas For The Golfer In Your Life

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7 Gift Ideas For The Golfer In Your Life

Buying gifts for your favorite golfer can be difficult, especially if you don't golf yourself. While you may be tempted, don't buy them new clubs. Each golfer has a strong opinion on the clubs that they use and probably doesn't want someone else to choose a club for them. That said, there are plenty of other gift ideas for those that love the game. 

1. Personalized Ball Marker

Golf markers are generally just a little button-shaped disc from your glove or a coin that gets placed on the green to mark where your ball landed while the next golfer takes their turn. A high-end ball marker that is personalized with a name, initials, or even a funny phrase will be a gift appreciated by any golfer.

2. Digital Green Reader

Reading greens was a skill reserved for the talented few, but now, with a digital green reader, anyone can learn whether the ground is sloping towards or away from the hole, greatly improving their putting game. 

3. Golf Umbrella

For the uninitiated, it may seem that any old umbrella will work, but that is not the case. A golf umbrella is longer and wider in circumference than the average compact umbrella we all shove in our backpack, briefcase, or purse. The longer length allows it to slide into a golf bag with all the clubs, while the larger size is great for both inclement weather and providing shade from the sun.

4. Flask

Some golfers like to drink on the course. While some courses have carts that make the rounds, many others do not. If your golf lover likes to imbibe, a quality flask with a leather case will be appreciated. 

5. Golf Club Cleaner

Let's face it. Those golf ball cleaners at the course aren't always in the best condition. You can buy your golf-loving loved one a hand-held version that does the job while fitting into the pocket of a golf bag.

6. Recyclable Golf Balls

Know an eco-conscious golfer? Recyclable golf balls are on the market now that will break down over time if they are lost in the woods or sink to the bottom of a water hazard. There is no data on how quickly this aids in the digestion of golf balls mistakenly eaten by alligators.

7. Collared Shirt

Last, but not least, you can always grab a collared t-shirt. They are the ubiquitous attire of golfers across the country because they are comfortable, yet still maintain an air of dressiness. 

Any present, from something as simple as a recyclable golf ball to a high tech digital green reader like a BreakMaster Digital Green Reader, will be much appreciated.

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