Tips For Storing Bedding So It's Ready To Use When You Pick It Up From Your Storage Unit

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Tips For Storing Bedding So It's Ready To Use When You Pick It Up From Your Storage Unit

If you've decided to keep your home free of clutter and live with less stuff, you may need to rent a storage unit to help. While you can get rid of things you'll never use, you'll still have seasonal and occasional items you need once in a while but will take up space the rest of the time. That includes all the winter blankets and comforters in your home. Here are some tips for storing your bed linens so they are clean and ready to use when you take them out of the storage unit.

Rent A Storage Unit With Climate Control

Humidity is hard on fabrics. Moisture and dampness lead to mildew and musty odors. Climate-controlled storage units keep the humidity within a safe range for storing blankets, sheets, and comforters. Plus, you'll probably be storing other things too, such as winter clothing, that do better in climate control.

Launder Blankets Before Storing

Bed linens should be clean before putting them in storage. This keeps them from attracting bugs or developing odors. It may be difficult to wash heavy comforters or quilts, so use your judgment on what should be laundered. You might do spot cleaning on things hard to clean in a washer. Just be sure everything is dry before packing or the blankets and comforters could mildew while in storage.

Wrap In Breathable Packages

It's good to let air circulate through the fabrics, but you don't want to let the comforters get dusty or full of spiders. You can wrap blankets and bulky comforters in cotton sheets that allow air circulation while providing protection. Fold sheets and place them inside pillowcases for protection and to keep sets together. Keep the bed linens off of the floor of the storage unit. Place them on shelves you bring to your storage unit or in a plastic tote that protects the bottoms of the bundles of bed linens.

Keep Your Storage Unit Smelling Fresh

Since your bed linens will share a small space with your other belongings, be careful about what you store. For instance, a lawnmower might have a strong oil or grass odor the bedding will pick up. Just make sure everything you store is clean to keep down on stale or bad odors while the unit is closed up. You may also want to leave an odor absorbing product in the unit that will neutralize bad odors so your stored fabrics stay fresh smelling and your bedding is ready to use when you pick it up.

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