Grease Isn't Always Necessary With Stair Lifts

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Grease Isn't Always Necessary With Stair Lifts

In the past, when you would purchase a stair lift, you'd need to have the lift greased so that it would work properly. However, today, this is not necessary. Modern stair lifts are able to function properly without having grease applied to them. 

Downsides of Grease 

Grease systems are often a problem for homes because the grease can ruin the carpet. Also, it is an inconvenience to work with the grease. You will typically need to lubricate the stair lift every three months to prolong the life of the stair lift. 

Keeping Grease Away

While there are some stair lifts that do not require lubrication, there are others that do require lubrication, but the design of the system keeps the grease away. This allows you to avoid staining your home and creates less of a mess.

Grease-Free Stair Lifts

The stair lift's gear rack teeth are lubricated with a lithium grease that comes in a bottle. The bottle can be squeezed to apply the grease. While this process is relatively easy, there is nothing easier than purchasing a stair lift that simply does not require that you apply grease at all. You will want to apply grease to your stair lift whenever it looks dry in addition to applying grease every couple of months, at the bare minimum.

When a stair lift does not require any grease, it typically uses materials that are made from high-strength polymer, which makes the grease unnecessary. The materials are very durable, so the stair lift is still able to support a lot of weight. There are also heavy-duty options for customers who weigh more. 

Caring for Your Stair Lift

Regardless of whether you need to apply grease to your stair lift or not, you will want to run the stair lift up and down and inspect for signs of damage or debris that might shorten the life of the stair lift. This will not only prolong the life of the stair lift, but also help you avoid a situation where you become trapped. 

Stair Lift Warranties

If you are concerned about how long the stair lift will last, you will want to choose a stair lift that comes with a 10-year warranty. That way, as long as you use the stair lift properly, you'll be able to have it repaired or replaced for free if anything defective is discovered. 

To learn more, contact your local stair lift service today. 

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