Ready To Get Your Loved One Drug Addiction Treatment? Get Them Through Detox And Try Outpatient Therapy

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Ready To Get Your Loved One Drug Addiction Treatment? Get Them Through Detox And Try Outpatient Therapy

If you know that someone close to you needs to be forced into treatment for their addiction and that this may require a withdrawal period in the hands of medical professionals followed by intensive outpatient therapy, it's time to prepare. Convincing the patient to get treatment can be difficult enough, but seeing them through it can be even more difficult. Here are some of the things to expect while going through this process to obtain sobriety.

Withdrawal Process

The withdrawal process can be dangerous. If you know the patient will struggle to get through this period, you may want to find a medical facility where they can do the detox. The medical facility has professionals that can help with medications and treatment options to make getting through detox easier.

Anger, depression, vomiting, fever, shaking and other side effects will occur during the withdrawals, and these symptoms can last a few days. Once they have gotten through this, they can go home and start their intensive outpatient treatment option.

Time for Outpatient Treatment

The time spent for an intensive outpatient program will vary, based on each patient and where they are with their treatment program. A common schedule would include treatment for three to four days a week and spending about two to four hours for treatment. In the beginning or for those having a more difficult time with their program, the commitment may be longer.

Types of Treatment

During their time at the treatment facility, the patient should expect to do some one-on-one time with therapists to talk about themselves and also spend some time group therapy. There will be other activities scheduled throughout the week during their treatment times.

You should ask about new diet and exercise programs for your loved one to help them improve their health all around while going through this process. Finding something new to jump into could be distracting and beneficial.

If you think that your loved one has an addiction problem but that they could do an outpatient program and be successful in battling the addiction, you want to find a local facility to get the process started. If you can get them through the withdrawal period safely and they are dedicated to making this important change in their life, it's time to get them help. You can turn this corner in life that is currently holding them back, and get them the treatment that could save their life.

To learn more about intensive outpatient programs, consult a resource in your area.

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