An Online Mentor Will Help You Become A Better Chess Player

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An Online Mentor Will Help You Become A Better Chess Player

Do you often become preoccupied while playing chess or do you tend to make moves hastily, without putting much thought into them? If either of these descriptions pertain to you, you probably haven't been very successful at beating your opponents. Online chess lessons will teach you to become disciplined and remain composed, allowing you to become a better player.

Intimidation May Be Your Downfall

When an inexperienced player becomes intimated by someone who has competed for years, it can result in losing game after game. Every chess player has begun at the bottom of the totem pole and has reached their peak performance by testing various play strategies to determine if the results would be favorable. Think of an online mentor as someone who you can draw experience from and use the information that you are given to boost your confidence level.

Treat each match individually and learn to strategize by thinking through each move. For instance, if you choose to move one of your playing pieces to a specific square on the board, what will the outcome be? Even if you are executing a fairly decent move, you may be providing your opponent with an even better move. Sometimes, it is better to forego the moves that will provide you with instant gratification and attempt to lay out a gameplan that will prove successful for the duration of a match.

Taking Notes Will Help

If you tend to make the same mistakes during each match, you may have come to the conclusion that you need a reminder to assist with stopping this behavior. Taking notes during online lessons will help you remember what your mentor has introduced.

In addition, you should chart each game that you compete in. Graph paper that is designed for use with chess lessons will allow you to recreate a chess board setup. Maybe you are able to beat your opponent during a match or perhaps you are proud of how close you came to winning. Wouldn't you like to be reminded of how you succeeded? On graph paper, depict your moves and your mentor's moves and this will help you memorize various types of gameplay. You can keep track of losing games, as well.

If you do poorly during a match and want to prevent making the same mistakes during a subsequent competition, refer to your notes and charts. After using this method for a while, you will instantly remember the mistakes or favorable moves that have either led to a loss or a victory.

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